During this Online Course Robert offers a concentrated summary of cutting-edge findings that are especially siginificant for sport and movement, as well as for manual therapists. This time, the Update will be ranging topics from ‘foot to head’, including one additional aspect, fascia as an emotional organ. We would not be too surprised if there will be one or two latest news which will find their way into the streaming.

Divo will be offering a short movement session on the fascial training of the pelvic floor.


  • News upon the anatomy and biomechanics of the plantar fascia, achilles tendon and the interaction of these structures.
  • How does long distance running affect the development of arthrosis?
  • Surprising findings on the human pelvic floor raise new questions and perspectives
  • How does ageing influence the fascia of the human trunk wall
  • High-quality ultrasound study reveals: Muscle soreness alters thickness of individual fascia.
  • New findings and questions about the trapezius fascia (and its relationship to headache syndromes) and the ligamentum nuchae.
  • New hypothesis: difference between silvery and ligamentous fascia in relation to elastic recovery versus damping of kinetic energy in sports and movement.
  • Fascial changes in depressed patients: preliminary findings of a recent study.

Course plan