Webinar 3 of the Fascial Pelvic Floor webinar series. Each webinar is thematically congruent and can be booked separately. Each webinar is thematically congruent and offers you an in depth understanding of one of the specific fascial features in theory and training. All four webinars offer you a optimal foundation applicable in individual sessions as well as in a pelvic floor, yoga or pilates class. Each webinar will be recorded and available for three months afterwards.


  • The storage capacity of collagenous tissues. Fundamentals of fascia research.
  • The importance of elastic rebound for the resilient pelvic floor from young to aged
  • Fascial facts on the remodeling of collagenous tissues. Training recommendations
  • Two training types of elastic rebound. Progression, indication and contraindication


  • Prepare: Plantar fascia, legs, pelvis. Minikicks and explosive sounds.
  • Bounce: basic exercises 'kangaroo style' and progression from easy to high intensity.
  • Basic exercises with the fascial focus: abdominal wall, legs and anterior pelvic floor
  • Basic class sequence to increase elasticity in combination with effective loading breath stimulation.

Course plan