Continue with webinar 2 of four webinars all of which adress fascial features of the pelvic floor. Each webinar is thematically congruent and can be booked separately. Get yourself updated upon the significance of the collageneous tissues and a healthy pelvic floor function in therapy and training. Each webinar will be recorded and available for three months afterwards.

Look forward to the following topics:


  • Fascial anatomy: healthy architecture, tissue pathology and associated dysfunctions
  • The endopelvic fascia and its importance for urethral and bladder force closure
  • Rip basket versus rib cage: the importance of a flexible thorax and a free flowing breath
  • The collagenous structures of the diaphragm and its role in force transmission of the pelvic-lumbar region


  • Prepare: Cervical spine, jaw and thorax
  • Differenciate: muscular and fascial respiratory stimulation of the diaphragm and the pelvic-lumbar region
  • Respiratory regulation in relation to the hypertonic pelvic floor and the autonomic nervous system
  • Sound and vocal vibration for proprioceptive stimulation and rehabilitation of the pelvic floor

Course plan