Start with one of four webinars all of which adress fascial features of the pelvic floor. Each webinar is thematically congruent and can be booked separately. Get yourself updated upon the significance of the collageneous tissues and a healthy pelvic floor function in therapy and training. Each webinar will be recorded and available for three months afterwards.


  • Basic anatomy of the fascial system and the mechanical properties of collagen tissue
  • Bony pelvis, the ligamentous pelvis and the significant contribution to lumbar-pelvic stability
  • The pelvic floor: two triangles, three muscular layers, one fascial network
  • The fasciae of the abdominal wall and the functional relationship to the pelvic floor


  • Perceive: posterior and anterior triangle. Superficial to deep parts of the pelvic floor
  • Differenciate: muscular contraction and fascial pretension
  • Prepare: Ligamentous pelvis: fascial release and proprioceptive enhancememt of the posterior pelvic floor
  • Activate: anterior pelvic floor locally and it's fascial connection within the abdominal wall

Course plan